Although writing has always been a form of self-expression and discovery, it was only after her eldest brother challenged her to write something everyday in an attempt to keep her creative juices flowing, that Justina Kehinde really began to hone her literary skills. Since completing the one year challenge, aptly titled 'Death of the Writer 365', Justina Kehinde has gone on to be a contributor, and later the Deputy Editor, of independent print and online women's magazine MAGNIFY. Exploring the intersections of faith, feminism and fashion, Justina Kehinde worked for the publication for just under 5 years, while also writing freelance. In 2017 she co-wrote her first script, UMUADA, which explored the question of identity in relation to mental health, migration and motherhood within the urban African-diaspora. It showcased at the Bunker Theatre in Southwark to rave reviews and is currently in the process of being extended into a full-length production. Although she still hasn't completed her 4-book long fantasy epic set to rival Tolkein, Pullman, Nicholson and Nix combined  (it's backed up on a floppy disk somewhere!) you can find excerpts of Justina Kehinde's work dotted around the internet and some of it here. Enjoy the read.