Justina Kehinde

Justina Kehinde



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“Justina Kehinde has been masterful in her dealing with Shange’s difficult and slippery poem-cum-play, loosening and tightening her grip alternately...giving just the right degree of emotional intensity whilst allowing the actors to relax into their roles…she has done…justice to the raw energy and spiritual womanhood of Shange’s play.” - Varsity


The smooth direction is inventive and the skilful choreography is often mesmerising…A magnificent production” -  Afridiziak


“Justina Kehinde directs a powerfully poignant play [in Sophiatown], showing the devastating effects of racial and geographical segregation as well as governmental tyranny” - Cambridge Tab


Justina Kehinde's poetry has been described as 'evocative', 'powerful', 'insightful', 'innovative', and 'touching'. 


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